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New Law Eases Dissolution of Inactive California Nonprofit Corporations.

Posted in AG, IRS, FTB, & Property Tax Proceedings, Formation & Tax Exempt Status, IRS, FTB & Attorney General Controversies, Nonprofit Governance & Ethics

California’s nonprofit sector is vibrant and lively.  Nonprofit entrepreneurs form new entities in California every day, with great hopes for garnering support and tackling society’s pressing problems or serving constituencies with specialized needs. Nonetheless, despite good ideas and best intentions, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned.  When that happens, nonprofit founders are stuck… Continue Reading

Reporting Organizational Changes to California State Agencies

Posted in Private Foundations, Public Charities, Unions, Associations, Clubs & Other Tax-Exempt Organizations

Earlier this year, we described the process for reporting organizational changes to the IRS.  At the state level, nonprofit organizations often have additional reporting or notification requirements when they make organizational changes.  We take this opportunity to highlight how a nonprofit organization incorporated in California can report organizational changes to the California Secretary of State,… Continue Reading