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Be Judicious If Your Name Is Fictitious: Tips for Nonprofits Using DBAs

Posted in Charitable Gift Planning, Private Foundations, Public Charities, Unions, Associations, Clubs & Other Tax-Exempt Organizations

“Names are not always what they seem.  The common Welsh name BZJXXLLWCP is pronounced Jackson.”  — Samuel Clemens (“dba” Mark Twain) Nonprofits use alternate names for many reasons, from making a name shorter to representing a particular project.  A nonprofit considering a name change can either legally change its name by amending its articles of… Continue Reading

Two New California Laws Benefiting Nonprofits

Posted in Formation & Tax Exempt Status, IRS, FTB & Attorney General Controversies, Nonprofit Governance & Ethics

Over 800 new California laws went into effect this January.  Two of them — SB 1341 and AB 2641 — directly affect nonprofit organizations, and are intended primarily to aid organizations in maintaining compliance with state regulations. SB 1341 provides an opportunity for nonprofit organizations that have neglected to file required reports with the Attorney General… Continue Reading