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Happy Birthday, Greg!

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Our colleague, mentor, and friend Greg Colvin is having a significant birthday today, and we at Adler & Colvin want to wish him a very happy birthday! For more than 30 years, Greg has meant (and continues to mean) so much to our firm, shaping its vision and character.  He has had a similar effect on the nonprofit sector as a whole, helping to clarify complicated issues and fighting for law reform.

Greg’s impact on our firm, our clients, and the nonprofit sector as a whole has been so broad and deep that we can’t possibly describe all of it here, but we do want to mention a few highlights:

  • Aside from his client work, Greg has toiled relentlessly to bring clarity to the lobbying and political arena. He worked tirelessly to help shape and clarify the rules, set forth in IRC Section 501(h), governing lobbying by publicly-supported charities. With Greg’s help, these rules significantly expanded the practical ability of charities to engage directly in public policy, giving a greater voice to constituencies that too often are left out of policy discussions that affect them.
  • Greg literally wrote the book on fiscal sponsorship. His “Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do it Right” is the definitive text on a tool that has dramatically lowered barriers to entry for fledgling nonprofits.
  • When the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to corporate expenditures on behalf of favored political candidates with its 2010 ruling in the Citizen United case, Greg worked with members of the Senate to develop a Constitutional amendment to repeal the decision.
  • Greg continues to be a leading participant in the Bright Lines Project, a collaborative movement seeking to bring clarity to the fuzzy limits on political activity by exempt organizations.

Like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion rolled up into one, Greg has a tremendous intellect, a huge heart, and the courage to be a leader both in our firm and in the Sector.

Happy birthday, Greg — we love you.

Adler & Colvin